Tony confronts Bruce

Tony visits Bruce at the farm to confront him over the threat he made to Lucas, making it clear that if it happens again, Bruce will have to deal with the police. As he leaves, Tony realises Bruce is making Geoff plough his fields at night and feels appalled at the way Bruce is overworking his grandson.

With this in mind, Tony pays no attention to Aden the next day when he tries to pressure him into giving him Geoff’s position on the footy team. Despite Aden’s arguments that Geoff doesn’t deserve the position because he’s always late, Tony decides to keep Geoff on the team. But this prompts a bitter Aden to bully Geoff and stir up trouble for Tony.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, Bruce is shocked when he finds Belle’s magazine in Annie’s bag, and berates Annie for her lack of morals. As punishment, Bruce locks her in her room so she can pray for forgiveness.

After spotting the car of his dreams, Drew is disappointed when Dan and Leah refuse to give him the $800 to buy it. Frustrated, he talks Belle into skipping school to hang out by Jazz’s pool. As they leave, Drew steals a blank cheque from Jazz’s bag, leaving Belle horrified.

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