Whitney is freaked out when a stranger approaches her with a letter from Tony. When Tyler asks Whitney what’s wrong, she explodes at him, leaving him worried. Apologising, Whitney shows him the letter, which says ‘Dearest Whit, I always loved you. T x’. Tyler reassures Whitney that he’ll be in prison for a long time yet. With her emotions stirred, Whitney decides to apply for a prison visiting order.

Jean reports back to Bianca that Ian hasn’t decided whether to go to the police or not. Ian and Denise argue when Denise says Ian is taking out his frustrations with Lucy on Bianca. Discovering Bobby has run off, Ian finds Bobby with Tiffany at Bianca’s. After Tiff is rude, Ian tells Bianca he won’t call the police as long as Bianca promises she’ll keep Tiff away from Bobby.

Dexter is not impressed when he discovers Sam has bought a jukebox for Ava, insisting that she won’t like it. After arranging to move in with Ava, Sam settles his bill at the B&B. Dexter convinces Cora to go to lunch after an invite from Sam. They are surprised to arrive at Ava’s to find her dancing with Sam to music from the jukebox.