Tony contemplates murder

Tony is pleased about Mr Stone’s hospitalisation and he makes plans to take possession of his house. Tony pays Jason and Tyrone to clear the flat, but Tyrone suspects that someone is still living at the house and feels uneasy. Tony visits Mr Stone in hospital and offers him a cheque, but he’s furious when Mr Stone tells him where to shove it. Tony lifts a pillow to the old man’s face and threatens that he could smother him in an instant.

Tony is jubilant at the grand opening of the Victoria Street flats and as the ceremony gets underway glasses are raised to Tony the ‘winner’. Tony takes his guests around the show flat and Kevin is left to ponder Rita’s warning that he won’t stop until he puts him out of business.

Molly realises she will have to tell Tyrone the truth about the lost ring when the search through the pickle jars turns up nothing. But as she braces herself to confess, Tyrone reveals that he found her ring on the side and kept it for safekeeping!

Also, Chesney isn’t happy when he hears John has been hanging around Fiz; Julie asks Fiz to get her a job at the factory.