Tony hides as Gabby opens the door to Phil, but has no choice but to step in when Phil grabs her roughly. Amber and Taylor arrive on the scene and soon learn of the impending reality of being parted from their dad. Tony returns to his flat with Gabby, Amber and Taylor in tow and it is clear things are going to be awkward.

Eva apologises to Anita for her behaviour and tells her that she wants to make amends. Seemingly placated, Anita enjoys winding Ravi up about Eva, but when Ravi finally cottons on that Anita knows all about his goings on with Eva, he’s forced to confess. With Anita reassured, Ravi and Eva realise there’s still a spark between them.

Heidi and Mitzeee come to blows with Cindy as they check out outfits for the fashion show. When Cindy learns from Steph that she is ‘the’ Heidi Costello, Cindy’s gutted that she’s missed her chance for big business. Later, Cindy turns up to show them her stock and they take pleasure in making her beg for a deal.

Also; Steph arrives back with ideas of a wedding suit for Gilly, but he dismisses it and tells her she needs to apologise for neglecting Tom. Steph promises to put all distractions aside.

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