Tony drops a bombshell

Tina tells Jacqui she wants to keep baby Max but Jacqui is furious with her sister for breastfeeding him. Myra calls a family meeting to discuss the crisis, and warns the girls that they may have to deal with social services if they keep fighting. Tony and Dom head round to the McQueens, where Tony drops a bombshell by announcing that, as Max’s father, the baby should be with his real mum – Tina.

Russ agrees to take Nancy to The Loft but is surprised when she starts flirting with him. Realising she’s trying to make Ravi jealous, Russ urges Nancy to tell him how she feels. As Nancy plucks up the courage, she’s stunned when Ravi mentions he didn’t know Russ was her boyfriend, and she beats a hasty retreat. Russ decides to help her out and explains everything to Ravi. After enjoying winding Nancy up, Ravi moves in for a kiss and Nancy invites him back to the flat…

Kris offers Steph the chance to appear on the new student TV channel. Unable to resist the lure of fame, Steph impresses Kris, despite Zoe’s reservations.

Also, Louise and Mandy launch a new wedding planning business.

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