Tony ends up saving Angelo’s life

Martha and Charlie race to find Tony and Angelo, who are fighting on the edge of a cliff. Angelo tells Tony that he too suffers every day, thinking about Jack. As Tony begins to understand Angelo’s point of view, Martha rushes to them, screaming for Tony to stop.

Tony pauses but there is a crack and the ground crumbles beneath them. Tony instinctively grabs hold of Angelo, who is now dangling over the edge, and can lift Angelo to safety. He hesitates… but then tells Angelo to take his hand. Hugo and Alf arrive and with Hugo’s help, Angelo is rescued.

Rachel is being examined, desperate for information about her baby and panicking about Tony. She’s having contractions and may have to deliver the baby. As Tony runs to be by her side, the baby’s heart rate returns to normal and her contractions settle. Tony explains himself but Rachel isn’t as forgiving as Martha.

Charlie tells Tony that Angelo isn’t pressing charges. Tony goes to Jack’s grave and begs for forgiveness – has h finally found closure?

Later, Martha and Hugo find themselves alone. When Martha says she doesn’t want to be by herself on the farm, Hugo takes a chance and leans in to kiss her. Martha gives in to desire and soon they are kissing passionately.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday July 8*

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