Tony exacts his revenge on Angelo

Rachel asks Hugo to check on Martha, hoping that Martha’s fractured relationship with Tony can be repaired. It’s awkward between them but he tells her that cutting Tony out isn’t going to make losing Jack easier. Martha accepts this, but the fact remains – Tony has gone fishing with Jack’s killer on what would have been Jack’s birthday.

This is news to Hugo, who now shares her concern. Hugo offers to help on the farm but Martha says it’s too much of a reminder that she once had a husband to do that – and Hugo is no replacement for Jack. Hugo and Alf piece together Tony’s plan: it’s Jack’s birthday and Tony’s taken Angelo to a hazardous fishing spot near where Jack’s buried.

Tony talks a lot about Jack and Angelo suddenly feels uncomfortable. Tony’s anger is palpable and Angelo wants to leave. Tony launches himself at Angelo and wrestles him to the edge of a cliff. Angelo pleads with him to consider if killing him will take away the pain of losing Jack?

Rachel feels queasy at work, and collapses. Miles catches her but she discovers she’s bleeding. Rachel’s given oxygen and wheeled off to be examined and she wants Tony by her side. But Tony doesn’t answer her call. Will Rachel and their baby survive?

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday July 7*

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