Tony finally breaks down

Tony is bracing himself to tell Diane the truth about his cancer, as Cindy and Darren race around trying to find their friend and eventually discover him sitting in the park. He breaks down in front of them, questioning: “why me!?”

Phoebe is alarmed for Vincent when the police arrive and pleads with Myra to let him stay with them, but Myra refuses. After sleeping rough with Vincent in the disused petrol station, Phoebe determines to help him get back on his feet and ignores Myra’s worried calls – it’s her and her new friend against the world.

Browning is under pressure to meet all of Mercedes’ wedding needs – mainly shoes and jewellery for the McQueens. He goes to see Joe and gives him until Friday to get his money, or the garage gets shut down.

At The Dog BBQ, Sienna gives Diane some of Oscar’s old baby clothes, relishing her new role in the Osborne family – she’s slowly pushing Nancy out of the fold.

Back at Tony’s, Sinead has her bags packed ready to move back to Ste’s and she’s taking Katy with her. Diane is lost without her baby, while Sinead is reveling in her new role as a mum.