Tony finds Lucas out cold

Matilda and Kit are horrified to hear of Tony’s affair with Naomi, and the rift in the family widens, with Ric bearing the brunt of Matilda’s anger for keeping Tony’s sordid secret. Later, on the beach, Tony continues searching for Lucas, and finds him passed out, unresponsive on the sand.

Kim tells Alf about his visions of Kit and Archie when he was electrocuted, and confides his worries that he didn’t see Rachel in them. Alf suggests he talk to Kit, but she’s distracted by family issues.

There’s a huge turn-out for Drew’s beach birthday party – but he and Jules are only interested in Cassie and Belle. As the night progresses, Cassie slowly warms to Jules’ charms, but Drew’s drunken advances don’t get him far with Belle. And Belle is furious to find Drew snogging a random girl and storms out.

Later, at the Diner, Dan, Irene and Alf come across a drunk Belle and Matilda, and Dan is enraged that Drew and Jules disobeyed him about the party and sneaked out of the house. While he’s busy helping shut down the party, Alf is stunned to find Jules snogging Cassie.

*Screened on RTE One, Monday August 20*

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