Julie bravely tells Tony that he will have to fire her as she won’t choose one of the others, but he insists he wants her to give him a name. As the working day draws to a close Julie plucks up the courage to stand up to Tony and tells him that he will have to sack her. But he doesn’t get time to sack anyone as the mysterious Luke Strong arrives at the factory and announces he’s the new owner!

Tina blames herself for the break-in at her dad’s lock-up and she is having second thoughts about testifying, but David insists that the Windasses need their comeuppance. Meanwhile, Gail discovers some of Joe’s unpaid bills and secretly pays off some of them, then asks Jason if there’s any work for Joe at the yard.

Ken frets about the dinner party with Liz and Lloyd and Deirdre is less than impressed when he says he was supposed to be at the theatre. Ken is forced to tell Martha that he won’t be able to make her play, but he continues to avoid telling her about his wife.

Also, Michelle tells Steve to stay out of her way; Graeme appears to be channelling the ghost of Fred Elliot!

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Tony is stunned as Luke Strong claims that he is here to look after Carla’s share of the factory and will be have a strong hand in the running of Underworld. Luke explains that Carla owns 60 per cent of Underworld and makes it very clear to Tony that he has the upper hand. Meanwhile, Julie is relieved when the new boss tells them that all their jobs are safe for the time being and Tony is left looking foolish.

Joe is furious when Jason talks to him about the break-in at the lock-up and he tells Gail that he doesn’t appreciate her gossiping about his business to their neighbours. Gail is apologetic and Joe decides to back down and he smoothes things over with her. When Gail reveals that she has also paid some of his bills he is embarrassed but grateful.

Liz and Lloyd arrive at Ken and Deirdre’s for dinner and are surprised and amused to find Ken in Martha’s kimono. The evening is a disaster as Ken clearly wishes he were somewhere else and a frustrated Deirdre tells him to snap out of it.

Also, Claire sheds some light on Graeme’s strange behaviour when he is wearing Fred’s hat.

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