Tony gives Aleks his marching orders

Tony tells Aleksander he must leave the flat, ignoring his pleas to stay. Tony is adamant he can no longer live a lie. Carmel is devastated to come home to find Aleksander has packed his bags. She begs him to stay, and finding her hard to resist, Aleksander agrees, but she wonders if he will keep his word.

As he heads to college to get his exam results, Craig remains terrified that Spike will spill the beans about him and John-Paul. Nancy and John-Paul decide they should all go for a few drinks to celebrate their results, but the drinking session leaves John-Paul uncomfortable as he watches Craig and Sarah cosying up together. However, Craig worries when he sees how unhappy John-Paul looks.

After having a tiff with Nancy about campus accommodation, Jake offers to accompany her to the college to get her exam results in an effort to patch things up. Nancy refuses and stays out late celebrating her results.

Undeterred, Jake prepares a surprise dinner for her, but is shocked when Nancy’s mum turns up unexpectedly. Mrs Hayton is horrified when Nancy stumbles home drunk, and Jake and Nancy are left wondering how to tell Mrs Hayton about their relationship.

*Screened on TV3, Thursday September 13*