Tony gives Martha and Hugo his blessing

Martha and Hugo try to explain to Tony that they were just talking but Tony doesn’t believe them. Tony talks over his unease with Alf at the thought of Martha and Hugo hooking up, and Alf points out that surely the main thing is that Martha is happy. Tony meets up with Martha and Hugo and he gives his blessing to a relationship between them.

Ruby tells Charlie that she and Xavier want to sleep together. Charlie is opposed but Ruby says they’re doing it anyway. Charlie asks Hugo to say something to Xavier and Xavier assures his brother they will take precautions.

Aden’s had no luck finding work and he’s worried about not being able to pay for Belle’s ring. Clint approaches him to see if Aden’s changed his mind about a loan. Aden refuses but Clint says to call him if he changes his mind. Belle overhears Aden not being very enthusiastic when talking to Alf about living with her.

Belle is snappy at Aden until he reveals that he was just being blokey with Alf. More in love with Belle than ever, Aden decides to borrow the money from dodgy Clint to pay for the ring.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday July 20*

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