Tony is nervous about his first day as a schoolteacher. In his first class, he’s the subject of a practical joke. Miles tells him he needs to show the kids who’s boss. He turns the tables on the practical joker, finally settling in as a teacher. Back home, he tells Rachel about the issues with Gina – it all goes back to a lemonade stand they had when they were nine. And they’ve never managed to get over it.

Martha is thrown when Liam has a go at her for how she’s been treating him. She examines how she’s been acting and worries she’s made a mess of their relationship. When Tony sees her down, he assumes it’s Liam’s fault and has a dig at him. Liam tells Tony to mind his own business. Martha admits later that she hasn’t been treating him well and Liam thinks she needs to decide what she wants.

Leah is still struggling with her feelings for Elijah – he’s being nice to her and she can’t handle it. Elijah isn’t coping well. He swaps partners with her in the next class and eventually admits to Miles that he has feelings for Leah as well.

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