Tony goes through with the drug deal

Sam watches Tony exchange money for drugs with two thugs and orders her officers to arrest them. Meanwhile, the residents are gathered to award Tony with the Pride in the Community Award. At the Loft, Tony walks in on two heavies and Fraser’s nemesis, Ray McCormick, laying into Trevor, thinking he grassed them up. Tony jumps to Trevor’s defence but ends up lifeless on the floor.

Tony regains consciousness and hears a conversation between Trevor and his boss. He recognises the voice but can’t work out who it is. Tony regains consciousness and persuades Trevor that it wasn’t him who informed the police.

Later, Tony bumps into Sam and tells her that Trevor has a boss. He’s shocked by the surprise awards ceremony and when Fraser does a welcome speech, Tony immediately recognises his voice. Fraser has his own informant at the station and when he figures out that Tony has shopped him, he tells Trevor to kill him.

Jack rails at Ruby when she throws the paint over Ziggy in the car park and, pushed too far, she tells him what his wife has been up to. Jack doesn’t believe a word Ruby is saying, especially when Ziggy backs Frankie up.

Dodger is in deep when he wakes up next to Theresa. Later, Theresa sees Dodger and Maxine together and knows this isn’t going to end well for her and him.