Tony hears about the wedding

Faking a relationship with Aleksander is beginning to get to Jacqui and she finally snaps, telling him it’s off. But she’s forced to rethink when a thug follows Carmel home and throws a brick through the window.

Things go from bad to worse when Jacqui has to introduce her new ‘boyfriend’ to Tony who’s clearly gutted. Later he and the family are shocked when Aleksander spills the beans that he and Jacqui are getting married!

Max worries about Tom missing so much school as his modelling career takes off. But, after reading Tom’s horoscope at II Gnosh, OB becomes convinced that Tom is heading for the big time – and they’re all set to make lots of cash. But when Max receives a call from Tom’s worried headmaster about why Tom is missing lessons, he puts his foot down.

Finding it hard to cope with the pressure at home, Sarah turns to Craig for comfort, although she holds back from telling him the truth about Amy’s baby. Later, Amy worries about her sister’s relationship with Josh when she spots her kissing Craig…

Also, keen to stamp her authority on The Loft, Clare is left seething when Warren unveils his plans for an amateur male strip night at the club.

*Screened on TV3 on Wednesday, April 4*