Tony hires thugs to threaten Liz (VIDEO)

Steve’s sold his share of the pub to Travis Limited and Tony suggests Liz should sell her share, too, so they could start afresh. When Liz won’t hear of it Tony arranges for a couple of mates to put the frighteners on her. But when the two thugs come into the Rovers and threaten her, Liz stands firm.

When Faye asks Anna if she can go out with her friends, Anna points out she’s got a baby to look after. Later, Anna nips home and is horrified to find Faye watching TV while the baby cries.

Eileen receives another message from Todd masquerading as Jeff from Dubai and tells Adrian that she still chats to other men online. Adrian’s hurt, telling her to choose between him and her internet friends.

Having spent the night at the vicarage with Billy, Sean confides in Eileen that he found it a bit spooky. Steve feels reinvigorated after a day out with Michelle and the dog.