Tony: I love you Jacqui!

Determined Tony gatecrashes the wedding and tells Jacqui that she can’t marry Aleksander. But Davey begs to differ and he and Tony end up fighting, with Davey ending up unconscious on the registry office floor. Dominic does his best to stall the wedding, while Aleksander gets increasingly anxious and Tina wonders where Jacqui has got to.

Meanwhile, John-Paul helps out by hiding the unconscious Davey in the toilets, but he’s interrupted by a worried Russ, who’s trying to get a wedding ring out of his system by using laxatives.

A smitten Tony declares his love for Jacqui, but she still has doubts. But just as Jacqui and Tony seem to have sorted out their differences, Davey reappears and they’re suddenly forced to make a life-changing decision…

Furious after reading Sean’s letter about Louise’s murky past, Calvin quizzes Louise about drugs, timeshare scams and Warren. She’s horrified when Calvin tells her he feels that Louise has led him on for months, made a fool of him in front of Warren and even put Sonny and Sasha in danger.

Desperate Louise tells Calvin that Sean’s exaggerated her past and she’s no longer the same person, but will Calvin believe her?

*Screened on TV3, Friday April 20*