Jacqui joins Aleksander, Tina and Dominic for a meal at Il Gnosh and she amazes everyone when she turns up looking stunning. While Tina gets frustrated at Jacqui’s lack of interest in her own wedding, Tony sends a bottle of champagne over to the happy couple. But it’s too much for Jacqui who flees, leaving Tony to chase after her. Back at the flat, Tony finally tells Jacqui how he feels.

Still struggling to cope with looking after baby Charlie, Jake is forced to take the tot to work with him. He’s pleased when Steph volunteers to play babysitter, but Nancy is none too happy when she arrives home later to find Charlie crying and Steph painting her nails. The pair end up having a row and Jake is furious to get back to the flat and see that both of them are too busy arguing with each other to notice baby Charlie’s bawling.

Elsewhere, Warren is pleased with himself when he tells Louise the ‘Sean problem’ has been taken care of and his mood improves further when Louise turns up wearing a raincoat – and not much else.

Also, Jessica is forced to kerb her spending habits, getting a crash course in student food from Kris who provides a shoulder to cry on.

*Screened on TV3, Friday April 13*