Tony asks Carla how she spent the previous evening, knowing full well that she was with Liam and he quietly seethes when she lies that she had a quiet night in. Tony tells Carla he has organised a surprised weekend away for them and Liam and Maria. Liam and Carla worry about what Tony is up to.

Sally and Kevin are out of their minds with worry about Rosie, but things take a mysterious turn when a bank letter for Rosie is addressed to the kebab shop and Darryl posts it through their door. Sally and Kevin discover an account in Rosie’s name with 25,000 pounds of lottery winnings and wonder if Rosie has done a runner with the lottery money. Meanwhile, Janice worries about her scam with Leanne, but Leanne refuses to get flustered and reveals she’s going to give Dan her share of the winnings to buy the bookie’s from his dad.

Audrey and Ted return from their holiday and are interested to hear Gail’s news that she’s had a call from a miserable Sarah, who is considering returning to Weatherfield. Audrey wastes no time in telling a stunned Jason the news, who is left feeling conflicted about his relationship with Becky.

Also, Tina suggests David work with her dad.