Tony is arrested!

Whitney tells a stunned Bianca that she is in love with Tony and they are sleeping together and are planning to run away. Whitney reveals that their ‘relationship’ had been going on since she was 12! Bianca can’t believe what she’s hearing and she confronts Tony, who insists that Whitney is living in a fantasy world. Tony tells Bianca that Whitney hates her and was planning to leave home as soon as she was 16.

Tony angrily confronts Whitney and demands to know what she’s playing at. Bianca listens outside the door and is horrified when she realises that Whitney’s claims were all true. Ricky and the family are worried when they hear the shouting, but Bianca asks them to quit the house while they sort things out.

Bianca tells Tony that she’s called the police. Tony panics and tells Bianca that he’ll leave immediately and starts hurriedly packing some clothes. Whitney pleads with Tony to take her with him and is heartbroken when he tells her it’s over between them. Whitney rails at Bianca for driving Tony away as Bianca tries to explain that what Tony did to her was abuse. Tony is about to make his escape from the Square when the police arrive and arrest him…

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