Tony is convinced he is about to lose everything when he is arrested in the village for sexual activity with a minor. At the police station, Mark tries to force Tony to confess, before releasing him. Later, Holly tells Tony that Cindy failed to pick her up from school and asks if she can wait with him. But when a frantic Cindy finds Holly with Tony, she misreads the situation and tells Tony to stay away from Holly, leaving him devastated.

Carmel is excited to start her first day as a school liaison officer but Calvin has other things on his mind and worries Carmel is beginning to regret marrying him. Later, Mark offers Calvin some extra work in CID, and he jumps at the chance, believing it to be a promotion opportunity.

Mandy feels increasingly guilty about her affair with Warren and pleads with him to do something about the mess they’re in. Warren tells her he needs a bit more time to sort things out financially, but then they will leave town forever. Meanwhile, bored Cindy tries on Louise’s wedding dress, but is interrupted by Louise and Mandy. Louise is furious to catch Cindy and explodes with rage when she spills red wine all over her dress.

Also, Leila is furious when she spots Archie hiding from his latest conquest who appears to be stalking him.

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