Tony is still determined to buy the garage but Kevin stands his ground. Tony tries a different tactic and turns the charm on Sally when he realises she knew noting about his offer. Tony gets a surveyor in to value the business, telling an ignorant Tyrone that Kevin has approved the visit. When Kevin returns to find Tony and the surveyor at the garage he is furious and let’s rip at an unconcerned Tony, who remains convinced that everyone has their price.

Eileen’s got a house full of lodgers and in a bid to free up some space asks Becky what her plans are. Becky refuses to admit why she fell out with Roy and makes it obvious she won’t be going back to his flat. Meanwhile, Sean is enjoying being the breadwinner while Marcus investigates college courses, but he puts his job in jeopardy when he has a long lunch at the pub.

Liam is enjoying his life of leisure, but as he takes delivery of a new jukebox Maria warns him not to keep putting off sorting out some work. Later, he meets up with his cousin Tom and they discuss business options.

Also, Teresa is leading the convalescing Jerry astray with trips to the pub.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Tony is not a man who is used to being turned down and he is more determined than ever to buy the garage from Kevin. Sally can’t quite understand why Kevin won’t discuss the idea, especially when they discover that Rita has indicated to Tony that she is willing to sell the Kabin. Tony resorts to even more underhand tactics when he persuades Rosie to work late and enlists her help in his battle to change Kevin’s mind. Rosie is oblivious to Tony’s manipulation and agrees to get hold of some information on Kevin’s business for him.

Sean returns to work after the pub rather tipsy. Despite the girls covering for him he soon finds himself on the receiving end of Tony’s anger and he is fired. Sean is devastated and when he returns home he’s forced to confess to Marcus that their dreams of moving into a new flat are over.

Jason and Becky have moved the last of Becky’s things from Roy’s and she collects her wages before handing Roy back his keys. Jason is conscious of the number of people staying at Eileen’s and suggests that he and Becky book themselves a holiday.

Also, Mel is on to Teresa; Tom and Liam discuss their new business.