Carla mysteriously tells Tony to wait in the office while she goes shopping with Leanne as she has arranged a surprise. Tony is less than impressed when the surprise turns out to be his brother Pat, who Carla has invited to the wedding. Tony pretends to be delighted, but knows he has to keep Pat away from Maria because she still believes Liam was Tony’s best man because he had fallen out with his brother!

Tony finds himself in more hot water when Jed confronts him and demands more money for the house he evicted him from. Later, Jed fills in an interested Kevin and Sally on his dealings with dastardly Tony.

Steve is desperate to spend some time with Becky, but Michelle wants him to organise farewell drinks for her parents. Steve manages to grab a few minutes in the car with Becky and tells her that his plan of being a bad boyfriend is working and he is starting to get on Michelle’s nerves. Later, Michelle’s dad jokes about Steve proposing to Michelle and Becky is less than impressed and tells Steve that she won’t be his bit on the side.

Also, Norris finally wins a competition, but still isn’t happy; Peter invites Leanne out for a drink.