Tony is questioned by police about the allegations he slept with Theresa, an underage girl. But after getting some friendly advice from Calvin, Tony denies everything. Meanwhile, as an angry Jacqui hopes Tony gets locked up for years, she is livid to find he has been released pending further enquiries as there isn’t enough evidence to charge him. A tormented Tony closes Il Gnosh, rushes back to his flat and breaks down.

Archie feels guilty for making a pass at Hannah, but is relieved to discover that Elliot doesn’t appear to know. But guilt soon gets the better of him and he comes clean, leaving Elliot hurt that Hannah hasn’t mentioned it. Elliot ends his relationship with Hannah, convinced he’s doing the right thing. But is it what they both want?

Ash eyes Mandy up as he takes over Tan & Tumble, but a passing Warren soon puts him down when he asks her out on a date. Mandy is unimpressed that Warren humiliated her in front of Ash and Calvin but is unable to show her frustration without giving the game away. Later, Warren seethes when he spots Mandy and Ash having lunch together in Il Gnosh.

Also, Neville changes The Jolly Roger back to The Dog.

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