Cath tells Daniel that while she’s trying to support her son Harry in his bid for an assisted suicide, his father Tony is trying, and failing, to put a stop to it legally. He also wants a divorce. Tony kidnaps his son from the hospital and takes him back to their house. Daniel, Laura and Eric rush to try and talk with Tony.

Realising they can’t get in contact with Cath, they check her phone and trace her last call to a hotel. Daniel finds her unconscious after taking a sleeping pills overdose. As Cath recovers in hospital, Tony realises that she is hurting just as much as him but is just dealing with it differently.

Laura tells Harry she would have stood by him if that’s what he wanted. She’s met someone else, she doesn’t know what’ll happen, but he needs to see the picture of him – he’s in a wheelchair.

Daniel tells Harry he should cancel the Swiss trip. He can’t have his old life back, but his future is still open to potential and he can take it a day at a time. Harry tells his parents he wants to live, and he’ll get help. But they need to work on their own lives too – for all their sakes.

Zara and Julia spend the weekend at a country hotel pretending to be the alter egos they made up – but they are forced to reveal their true identities when things get complicated with two men they’ve met!