Tony kills!

Tony loses control, fires the gun and consequently a dead body is left on the floor. As he points his gun at his next victim, Maria bangs loudly on the door. Panicking, Tony can do nothing else but drag a shocked Maria inside. Spotting the corpse on the floor Maria’s terrified as a confused Tony asks why she’s there – she’s supposed to be in Ireland. As he pulls himself together Tony summons the courage to pull the trigger again, but a distressed Maria tries to get through to him.

Seizing on his hesitation, Maria claims it’s not too late to let her walk away, but as she inches towards the door Tony levels his gun at her, ordering her to stop.

Gail’s terrified back in her cell and is convinced that she’ll be found guilty. Meanwhile, after a bitter row with Tina, David breaks down in Nick’s arms, blaming himself for Gail’s situation.

Also, Gary arrives home on leave, and Sean reveals that his attempts to contact Violet have failed.

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