A suspicious Tony is trying to track down the newspaper article Finn bought him and which Milo has since burnt in a bid to cover his criminal past! But as Tony attempts to rifle through Milos’s room, he is caught in the act by Milo himself. What will Tony’s explanation be?

Meanwhile Luke, Mandy, Olly and Ella are packing for Florida in preparation for Luke and Mandy’s wedding but Mandy is gutted when she finds an empty vodka bottle hidden down the back of the sofa. Is alcoholic Luke back on the booze and is the wedding in jeopardy? Or could jealous Darren be about to scupper plans as he turns up just as Luke and Mandy are getting ready to go to the airport?

Elsewhere Scott and Damon get a surprise when they go through Maggie’s belongings and find an engagement ring and a letter saying they and Brody have each inherited £20K. How will the excited lads plan to use the money?

Plus Cindy gets ready to open her new food truck venture, “Cindy’s Hatch”, right outside Tony’s new restaurant. Will she be able to entice away his customers?