Tony plots his revenge!

The factory girls pull out all the stops and when Rickson arrives the order is ready. But when he studies it closely he spots mistakes and refuses to take the order or pay for services rendered. When he walks out Carla knows they’re in trouble and when she’s forced to admit to the girls there’s no more work all hell breaks loose. Sending the girls on an enforced two-week holiday Nick assures Carla he’ll sort out the mess she and Tony made.

Tony however, has plans of his own and as he receives communion in a prison chapel the priest places something on his tongue. Back in his cell Tony hands his soon to be released cellmate Robbie a SIM card before shaking hands.

Leanne meets Cheryl in the pub and takes the opportunity to play cupid, inviting Lloyd to join them. They enjoy each other’s company and when Lloyd drives her home he moves in for a kiss.

Also, David panics when the Platts hear Gail’s trial is still going ahead despite Anka’s witness statement, which may not prove as conclusive as they’d hoped; and Hayley breaks down, the stress of her separation from Roy clearly getting to her.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Nick sets about his plan to turn the factory around, but Tony‘s evil accomplice Robbie has made his way to Coronation Street where he watches Carla before heading to the cafe to size up Roy. Casually chatting about railways he easily disarms Roy and promises he’ll be back. Observing Carla and Trevor together Robbie then takes out his phone and calls Tony in his cell revealing everything is set. As Tony declares Carla’s life will be ruined just like his we’re left wondering what dastardly revenge Tony has in mind.

Nick and David are in a state of panic as they imagine Anka’s testimony falling apart under cross examination. Smelling a rat Audrey asks David outright if he had anything to do with the sudden emergence of a new witness.

Jason tries to take Tina’s mind off Monday’s trial. They reminisce over a bottle of wine, but when he goes to leave she asks him to stay.

Also, Ken and Deirdre wonder if Tracy is lying about Gail’s confession.

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