Tony plots to dispose of Jed’s body

*One-hour special*

Christmas Day dawns in Weatherfield and Tony has the small matter of a body to dispose of. He makes an excuse to get out of the flat and heads for the factory to get Jed. Tony finds Jed still alive, but he menacingly tells Jed that he’ll give him money to leave the Street for good and if he ever returns he’ll finish him! Later, Maria finds flowers at Liam’s grave and assuming it’s Tony, has a go at him. Maria is embarrassed when Michelle reveals the flowers were from her.

Gail plans a Christmas party but the Platts’ dinner is rudely interrupted when the Windasses get their time wrong and turn up early. Joe quietly fumes when Gail feels forced to offer them Christmas dinner as well. By the time the Websters arrive the day is starting to go downhill. David gets angry when Gary turns up and as the party descends into chaos, Joe storms out!

Steve is desperate to get some time alone with Becky and he makes his excuses to get away from the Rovers to see her. Becky is touched when she discovers that Steve has decked out the cab office as Christmas Grotto.

Also, Aunty Pam helps out with Christmas dinner at the Croppers.

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