Tony proposes to Cindy!

Cindy gets Steph to phone in sick for her at work. Tony bumps into her and he realises that Cindy is avoiding him. Both are miserable about their split but can’t bring themselves to say anything. Jack encourages Tony to tell Cindy how he feels. Tony goes to Steph and Cindy’s with a treat for Holly. Tony tells Cindy how he feels about her and jokingly proposes. Cindy jokingly accepts but decide that maybe they should get married for real!

Zoe realises that she can’t use the footage she’s taken of Theresa, as Theresa is underage. Zoe is getting increasingly desperate to find a model for her TV show and tries to convince Archie to film her for the video. Archie refuses, pointing out that it would be too weird to video his own sister in sexy poses. Zoe is out of options and decides to use Theresa’s video after all.

Loretta starts work at the launderette and does her best to ignore Ash’s flirting but it’s a different matter when Ravi turns up to fix a machine. Ash is infuriated that Loretta obviously has the hots for his brother and not him. Ravi and Loretta get on well and Ravi asks Loretta out on a date.

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