Michelle tells Liz that if she chooses to stay with Tony, she and Steve will have no choice but to move away. And later Eileen tries to make Liz see Tony for what he is, a cheat and a liar, but she refuses to listen. Tony presents Liz with a signed contract, giving her his 50 per cent of the Rovers. Suddenly Tony goes down on one knee as Michelle arrives and is horrified to find him mid-proposal!

Simon skives off school and invites his mates round to play computer games, but Leanne’s furious to find him and his mates lounging about.

When Aidan and Carla berate Kirk and Kate after a mix-up with the orders, Kate kindly takes the rap and Kirk’s touched. Meanwhile, as a birthday surprise, Aidan and Carla arrange for Kate’s fiance Caz to pay a visit and she’s thrilled as his taxi pulls up outside.

Steph tells Luke she and Andy are taking him out for the evening to cheer him up. But when Jamie calls at the garage and tells Luke he wants him to take part in a warm-up race, Luke feels trapped.