Tony proposes to Rachel

Tony decides to propose to Rachel and plans a surprise with 115 roses – but the van opens and the roses spill across the road. Meanwhile, Martha notices Geoff and Annie’s old farm is still for sale. Could this be what she spends Jack’s insurance money on? Rachel is held up at the hospital. Tony arrives and borrows a single rose from a patient. He proposes to Rachel, who accepts and everyone applauds.

Belle is popping pills to help her meet deadlines. Her boss Jerry is impressed with her work and Paula, a colleague, is jealous. Belle finds Jerry and Paula in a clinch. Jerry and Paula are later involved in a car accident and when Jerry tells his wife he was alone in his car, Belle realises that Jerry and Paula are having an affair. Jerry swears Belle to secrecy, promising to make her acting editor. But the owner of the paper overrules him and makes Paula acting editor.

Charlie asks Rachel about an old assault case and Rachel confirms that Robbo was the suspect. Charlie contacts the assault victim, who agrees to make a statement and Charlie brings Robbo in. Joey agrees to make a statement, but is worried her brother Brett will discover her sexuality. Charlie persuades Joey to come out. But when she does Brett is disgusted and throws Joey out.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday April 3*

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