Whitney tries to get out of doing the play when Tony insists it will compromise their time together but Libby is persuasive. Tony quietly fumes when Bianca jokes that Whitney will have to kiss Peter Beale and he tries to emotionally blackmail Whitney into giving up the play.

Tanya finds Jack’s and is intrigued but Jack is evasive about it. Tanya is stunned when Abi is excluded from school after fighting with Bernadette and Abi lets slip that Max told her to stand up to her bullies. Tanya is furious with Max and she goads him about Jack. Tanya is rattled when Max darkly tells her to ask where Jack got all his money from – and what really happened to Penny.

Danielle is thrown when Callum suggests going on a date to St Pancras station as he’s really into trainspotting! Danielle tells Mo, who realises that Callum is on a wind up and she threatens Callum, who backtracks and agrees to take Danielle to R&R instead. Callum moves onto ‘Plan C’ and rambles on poetically, but he is dismayed when Danielle insists she likes him even more!

Also, Charlie discovers that Danielle has been feeding the stray; Ronnie refuses to be involved in Peggy’s Mitchell family photo.