Mercedes continues her meat scam at Il Gnosh, despite Holly and Tom’s blackmail. Jacqui finds out about the scam and wants in, as does Myra. The ladies panic when Dominic turns up and announces he’s doing a stocktake. Cindy ‘accidentally’ drops Dominic’s ledger into the sink, ruining it and saving them all from detection. When Loretta turns up, Mercedes ends up in a fight with her and chaos erupts. Tony walks in and is horrified.

Ste feels guilty for shopping Theresa, although he’s pleased about getting in Amy’s good books. Ste and Justin bump into Natty, who persuades them to join him and his mates at the football. Justin is wary of the gang and warns Ste that they are football hooligans but Ste brushes aside his worries. Ste calls Theresa and invites her round.

Theresa is miserable when Gov sets her coursework to complete from home during her suspension and getting bored of studying she sneaks out to MOBs. Myra catches her and gives her an ultimatum – complete her work or go back to Nana’s. But Theresa can’t resist when Ste invites her over.

Also, Michaela thinks Zak is a hero for saving Spencer and sneakily signs him up with Territorial Army at a careers fair!

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