Tony schemes to take over the Rovers

Tracy fantasises to Tony about running the Rovers and reminds him that although Liz and Steve own half each, Steve owes him big time. Backed into a corner, Tony lies to Liz, claiming a loan shark wants his money back.

David is adamant that Sarah and Bethany are not welcome and when Callum calls at No 8 to see Max, Sarah bemoans her predicament. Meanwhile, when Sophie lets slip to David that Gail is often in the shop buying flowers, he follows her to the cemetery and watches her bend down at a grave.

Worn out after a long walk, Sean and Billy find a country pub. They book a room for the night, but it’s clear the landlord is disapproving. Making out there’s been a double-booking, he tells Sean and Billy there’s no longer a room available.

As Eileen prepares for her date with Adrian, she fantasises about Jeff and Todd smirks, enjoying winding Eileen up. When Faye moans about the lack of space in her bedroom with all the baby’s things, Anna snaps that she should have thought about that before having sex at the age of 12.