Cindy tells Tony she’s miserable and wants to get back to how they were together. Dominic, however, is relieved that Tony is distancing himself from Cindy and he and Cindy argue. Darren steps in and Cindy is touched by his genuine concern. Cindy quits her job and a guilty Tony later heads over to check on her and is stunned when he sees Cindy and Darren kissing.

Rhys and Josh are homeless when a frustrated Hayley kicks them out. Josh is ready to apologise to his parents but Rhys is too stubborn. Darren is furious when Rhys puts up a tent in The Dog car park. Rhys decorates the tent with fairy lights for a romantic evening with Hayley but Josh and Gilly play a prank and collapse the tent on top of them.

Carmel prepares for the re-opening of Evissa as Jacqui watches on from Tan ‘N’ Tumble. Myra helps Jacqui when one of her dryers breaks down and Jacqui offers her mum more cash if she’ll work for her instead of Carmel. Jacqui threatens to fire Myra when she agrees to help Carmel with a jammed till at Evissa but Myra won’t be blackmailed and walks out.

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