Tony shows up with Jed

Tony is questioned by the police over the incident and they suggest that Maria may have been trying to kill him. Carla is dismayed Tony when insists that he didn’t see a thing and it was an accident. Tony realises he needs to put a stop to Maria’s accusations and he brings Jed Stone to the pub, making sure Jed covers the ligature marks on his neck, and Maria feels foolish about insisting Jed is dead.

Tony tells Carla that he set Jed up in a new home after feeling bad about buying his old house, but she is suspicious about her husband’s uncharacteristic good heartedness and when she later sees Tony frogmarching Jed to his car and apparently threatening him, her suspicions are aroused even more.

Blanche and Leanne continue to work alongside each other in the betting shop in Peter’s absence with Blanche even conceding that she likes Leanne and thinks she is good for Peter.

Norris and Mary are delighted when they jointly win a motor home in a competition. Mary suggests that they get some use out of their prize and enjoy a few days away in Southport.

Also, David congratulates himself after managing to ruin Gary’s date with Rosie Webster.

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