Tony sleeps with Naomi

Tony and Naomi are still in bed together when Lucas arrives to give her his present. She successfully gets Lucas to call back later, but finds it tricky to cope with having slept with Tony, who’s distraught and beside himself with self-loathing. A distraught Tony heads home, unaware that Ric has seen him leaving.

Kit and Matilda ponder whether to buy the gym for Tony. Meanwhile, Tony and Naomi are wracked with guilt over last night’s encounter. Lucas gives Naomi his present, but is so despondent by her cool reaction, that he ends up confiding in Tony, admitting he had a fling with Naomi at writer’s camp. Feeling terrible, Tony visits Naomi and has a go at her for sleeping with him after she slept with Lucas.

Belle arranges a surprise farewell party for Amanda, although it’s almost ruined when Colleen lets the cat out of the bag. Later, with the party over, Amanda heads straight to the city to drown her sorrows in a bar. Meanwhile, Drew urges Peter to go after Amanda if he still cares for her. Peter eventually arrives at the bar where he tells Amanda he wants to be with her for the rest of his life.

*Screened on RTE One, Monday August 13*

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