Tony has a go at Dev for letting Jason down and giving the work to another builder. While Dev, Kal and Sharif show the builder around the new gym, Tony takes matters into his own hands and breaks into his van.

Tina’s secretly gutted when Carla boasts to her and Michelle about her amazing night with Peter. Peter apologises to Tina and she melts when he tells her he spent the night wishing he was with her. Liz warns Tina that Peter’s using her and when he later suggests going to the nearest Travel Inn for a quick fumble, Tina realises that Liz might be right.

Steph persuades an excited Sophie to wear a clingy dress for her date with Maddie, while Steph and Katy sign up to an internet dating site.

Also, after agreeing to finish the mill project for a basic wage in exchange for Phelan not going to the police, Gary feels terrible seeing Owen working like a slave, knowing their situation is all his fault.