Tony thinks boxing will be a good way for Xavier to vent some frustration and for him to be a male influence in Xavier’s life. Rachel thinks he should check with Gina first, but Tony doesn’t agree. Xavier isn’t sure about it, and he wonders what Gina will say. Tony says he will talk to Gina. As they practise boxing for the first time, Xavier starts to get into it, only for Gina to walk in. She’s outraged.

Liam won’t drop the drug issue. Gina talks to Martha about what Liam has told her, and Martha tries to ease her anxiety. Martha is frustrated with Liam for telling Gina and she lashes out at him. She feels bad afterwards – she’s going to miss Liam when he’s gone. When Liam comes back, Martha apologises, and confesses the truth about what’s in Xavier’s box.

Xavier needs to find another place to hide the money. He tells Ruby the whole story. He asks her to hide it at her house. She considers, but says no – she can’t break Irene’s trust like that. So he asks for her help to find a good hiding place. She agrees to help, and enlists Colleen, via a cover story about a project for school.

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