Tony’s cancer has spread!

Cindy returns to see Tony after his operation and they are both in shock when the doctor reveals the cancer has spread aggressively and they need to start further treatment. Cindy tries to convince him to tell Diane the truth.

Ste goes back to see Trevor, who tells him to teach Freddie a lesson. Ste approaches the newcomer outside the garage with a metal pole, ready to strike, but pulls away at the last minute when Freddie’s phone rings. Elsewhere, Sinead finishes her shift at the club and gets arrested for selling illegal drugs…

Esther is trying to avoid the inevitable conversation with Tilly about what happened yesterday. But later she finally confesses her love for Tilly and they kiss – at last!

Phoebe is shocked when she sees Mercedes holding Vincent by the scruff of the neck – he’s back! She chases after him through the village and finds him in the disused petrol station before taking him to the college for warmth. She’s busted when Patrick turns up, but Vincent has already escaped before he’s spotted.