Tony’s charged with Liam’s Murder

Tony is been charged with Liam’s murder and will appear in court tomorrow. Admitting she can’t face him at the moment Maria leaves with the Connors for Ireland. But while Maria’s accepted Carla’s story the police haven’t and they’re back on the street. Carla’s nervous and knows the game could be up, but attempts to play dumb as they quiz her about Tony’s accomplice.

Carla’s back and the factory girls are stunned to see her at the helm at Underworld. Both Sally and Rosie are quick to come crawling for the job of number two but Carla gives the position to a competent Hayley. Her contempt for the pair of them is evident.

Sally’s gutted when Carla calls her to the factory only to tell her she won’t be supervisor anymore. Returning home in tears she’s desperate for some support from Kevin. But unable to resist the danger Kevin and Molly have taken advantage of her absence. Raising the stakes on their affair they’ve taken it to the Websters’ bed.

Also, Claire accuses Amy of teaching Joshua swear words she and Becky fall out. Steve’s not on hand to help having disappeared for another expensive golf lesson. He covers though, lying to Becky that he’s been Christmas shopping.

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