Tony’s distracted at Liam’s Christening

Rosie‘s crisis over Luke proves the perfect cover for Tony as he struggles to come to terms with Carla’s ultimatum. Telling Maria he has been caught up with Rosie’s problems he arrives at the house just as the christening party are preparing to leave.

Tony arrives at the church and gets a text when he notices Carla sitting in a car nearby. Unnerved he approaches and Carla tells him that if he goes through with being godfather she will march into the church and spill the beans to the congregation. Tony begs her to wait until after the service for Maria’s sake and promises he will meet her afterwards to sign over his shares. But as she agrees and leaves, Tony makes a phone call.

Sally and Kevin console a devastated Rosie as she comes to terms with the fact that she has lost everything. Kevin tells her to go to the police but can’t help but wonder if it is a blessing in disguise, as Stape’s money has caused nothing but problems.

Also, Tyrone has arranged for Jack and Connie to join them at the Rovers for Molly’s birthday, she’s delighted with her presents – until Tyrone surprises her with his gift.