As Tony nurses the black eye he got from Dom, Jacqui hopes that his brother’s return will not ruin their surrogacy plans. Jacqui still wants to go ahead but a guilty Tony feels Dom has a right to be angry. Later, Dom begs Tony not to go ahead with the surrogacy as this will mean the end of his marriage to Tina and informs his brother he wants nothing more to do with him if he decides to continue. Tony has a tough decision to make.

Meanwhile, Elliot arrives back from Christmas break in a troubled mood, but Jess ignores his obvious need for a shoulder to cry on in favour of Darren and the Casino, leaving Elliot alone and in a state. Darren almost loses a hefty chunk of the cash but luckily ends up winning twenty grand. Darren and Jessica celebrate, but Jessica’s mood doesn’t last when she finds a very critical Zoe comforting Elliot.

Also, Newt returns to the Osborne’s to a warm welcome and an apology from Jack, while Frankie gives him a bracelet for Christmas. Lauren arrives and Newt takes her to the riverside and gives her the bracelet.