Tony’s in a complete state

Tony sits alone in a darkened flat, the place has been completely trashed, but he has no desire to sort out the flat or himself. The factory girls are concerned when they arrive to find Underworld locked up and no sign of Tony and Carla. Julie decides to go to the flat and see what is going on. She is shocked when she finds a bloodied Tony and when she asks after Carla he slams the door in her face.

Gary and Tina have an awkward exchange over the garden fence. Tina thinks that Gary is just being nice so she’ll change her statement and when David comes into the garden he is furious to see them together. Tina tells David that he has put her in a very difficult position and if he really loved her he wouldn’t ask her to lie. Later, Tina is terrified when she finds herself alone and being threatened in the kebab shop by Len.

Kevin worries about Sophie’s date with Ben, but Sally reassures him that he is a nice boy. Rosie helps Sophie get ready and for once the sisters are getting on and not fighting.

Also, Martha presents Ken with a beautiful gift and he can’t bring himself to come clean about Deirdre.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Tina is terrified, but she tries to put on a brave face as Len continues to threaten her. She points out there’s a CCTV camera in the shop, but he is very careful to ensure his threats are verbal, rendering the silent camera useless. After he has a gone a shaken Tina has a go at Gary, who is furious when he finds out what Len has done and he attacks Len for his interference.

Leanne is worried about Carla’s disappearance and wonders if Tony has hurt her. Determined to get to the bottom of what happened, Maria and Leanne pay Tony a visit. A dazed and drunken Tony answers the door and explains that Carla has left him because she was in love with Liam. Maria is shocked and seeing Tony’s distress she feels a little sorry for him.

Steve asks Becky to cover in the Rovers as it is Amy’s birthday, but Becky tells him she is doing something with Jason. It doesn’t stop Becky being jealous later, however, when she discovers that Steve is planning to go on a date with Natasha.

Also, Deirdre is amused that Ken has ‘bought himself’ a kimono and he doesn’t tell her that it was actually a gift!

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