Tony’s nephew Xavier arrives in the Bay

With Schoolies Week in full swing, Summer Bay is bustling with out-of-town teenagers, and Tony’s surprised to see his nephew amongst them. Xavier and his mates have come for a good time and are playing chicken with passing cars when Jack turns up. Jack takes Xavier back to his place to stay the night. Xavier claims it’s the first time he’s ever really done anything like this. Jack is sceptical and we get the impression it wasn’t really a one-off.

Martha thinks the double date she organised with Roman and Charlie was a success. Jack forces Martha to let go of the idea of fixing them up. Roman can’t stop thinking about Charlie’s accusation that he’s still in love with Martha. Roman confesses to a shocked Miles that he is in love – with Jack’s wife.

With growing concern for Bridget suffering through cancer, Alf goes against her wishes and speaks to Rachel. When Rachel turns up to try and persuade Bridget to see a specialist, Bridget reacts, angry that Alf told Rachel and she claims she’s happy with her current doctor. Something isn’t right for Rachel and later we see that her instincts are right – as Bridget makes a phone call saying that she is in trouble and needs help.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday January 23*

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