Tony’s stunned by Carla’s counter offer

Tracy buzzes with excitement as Tony promises the pub will be theirs by the end of the day. Meanwhile, Liz and Tony wait at the solicitors to do the deal with Travis Ltd when Carla and Michelle arrive, explaining Carla’s seen her bank manager and would like to buy into the Rovers, leaving Tony reeling.

When Callum tells David he’ll collect Max later, David seethes and begs Sarah to go bowling with Callum and Max so she can keep an eye on them and report back to him.

Cathy calls in the cafe and asks Roy if he’d be interested in buying her late husband’s elderflower cordial to sell to his customers.

Nick invites the family to join himself and Erica for drinks in the bistro, in the hope they can all get along. Andrea listens in disbelief as she hears how Lloyd ended up stranded on a Norwegian fishing trawler heading north.