Tony‘s a desperate man and as he frantically tries to cling on to the new life he’s created he packs Maria off to a health spa for the day, knowing the police are about to come calling. Keeping up the facade Tony goes to work but when the police arrive and arrest him on suspicion of Liam’s murder he can feel his world falling apart. Down at the station Tony’s interviewed about the Croppers allegations. As the police pile on the pressure, saying they’ll speak to Maria, Tony knows it’s only a matter of time before Maria finds out.

Roy and Hayley return to the cafe and are relieved to hear that Tony’s been arrested and taken to the police station. But as gossip about Tony’s arrest spreads Maria arrives back on the street.

Julie’s furious with Eileen for making Jesse sack her, insisting she has no designs on her man. But when Eileen makes another discovery while nosing through Jesse’s wallet she wonders what else he’s hiding from her.

Also; Anna worries when Gary reveals he has decided to go on an army taster weekend; Ted is delighted when Gail asks if he will give her away at her wedding.

*Second Episode, 8.30*

Tony knows he’s lost Maria. He grabs the set of cafe keys he’s stolen and heads off into the night. Letting himself into the cafe Tony watches as Hayley sees Roy off. Picking up a kitchen knife Tony follows Hayley towards the flat, but he’s stopped in his tracks when he hears Maria banging on the door. Hiding again Tony listens as Maria sobs her heart out, while Hayley informs her of his threats to kill Roy.

Tony goes after Roy. Finding him at the canal Tony makes it clear he has come seeking revenge. As Roy demands to know what he’s done to Hayley, he’s horrified to see the blood-stained knife. Believing Tony has killed her, Roy lunges at him. They fight but Tony easily overpowers Roy then throws him semi-conscious into the canal. As Roy struggles to stay afloat Tony watches him slip beneath the water.

Eileen’s annoyed that Jesse didn’t tell her about his 40th birthday on Friday. She tries to force him to come clean but when he still won’t confess Lloyd suggests she should throw him a surprise party.

Also, David discusses Gail’s impending wedding with his new girlfriend Zoe, she correctly deduces that David would never approve of Gail’s choice of man.

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