Rachel is having trouble dealing with the new baby, partly due to concern over the Jane Avent losing her own baby issue. Jane and Rex arrive at the hospital to speak about their case. The hospital rules that there was no negligence on Rachel’s part, much to Rachel’s relief. However, when Jane turns up at her house, it’s clear she is planning something. Rachel can’t find baby Harry. It turns out Tony has just taken him down to the Diner but Rachel abuses him for doing this, making Tony worried about Rachel’s mental state.

Charlie tells Ruby that Angelo dumped her and Ruby is incensed. Ruby informs Hugo and Martha, who didn’t even know they were going out. Martha and Hugo eventually wind up at the farm and have sex.

Ruby accompanies Charlie to the hospital for a follow-up examination with Sid. Ross apologises to Hugo and Martha for the way he reacted to Xavier. Morag is suspicious of Ross’s over-reaction. This suspicion increases when she overhears Ross talking to Charlie about a family secret. Morag brings this up at dinner and asks Charlie (in front of Ruby) if she had a baby. Charlie admits she did, but the baby died.

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