Marilyn wishes Tori good luck as she’s heading off to her first official date with Ash. Later, John asks Marilyn to have lunch at Salt and surprise, surprise, the pair end up where Tori and Ash are having their date! Ash and Tori’s date doesn’t go as seamlessly as they both hoped due to constant interruptions. John tries to break the ice between the couple, knocks over Ash’s drink and Leah pulls Tori away after discovering Coco being sick in the toilets. Will there be a second date?

Coco desperately tries to convince Leah that she’s being sick because of a stomach bug. Leah’s still suspicious of Coco’s explanation and Tori doesn’t seem completely convinced. Later, Leah tells VJ that Coco was being sick and he sarcastically remarks that it must be food poisoning again. The penny drops for Leah and she goes to the farmhouse in the hope that Coco will open up and admit that she has an eating disorder. Will Coco open up to Leah about her struggles?

Also, when Irene asks Olivia about her progress with the bank, Olivia lies and says she’s waiting for the bank’s approval on her business plan. Later, Olivia meets a university friend and it transpires that she pays her for making the clothes orders for her website. Will anyone rumble Olivia’s plan?